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Why outsource your billing?

When you outsource your billing you do not have to deal with the extra costs of an employee. You also wont have to worryabout a high turn over and the re-training of a new employee. Every time you have to train a new employee it interferes with the steady flow of insurance billing which then interferes with your cash flow. By using an outside billing company you dont have all these worries and extra costs.

It can be worrisome and stressful to change medical billing services or to let an outside company handle your billing. But we would like to take those worries off your hands and let you do what you do best which is treat your patients. We will make the transition as easy as possible for you.

Most importantly, we understand how important it is you are paid promptly for the services you provide to your patients. With this understanding we make sure all billing is done with in a timely matter that is convenient for you. We can bill on a daily basis or weekly basis depending on your needs.